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    First Solid Food and Food Allergy

    Hello, My baby is about to start her solid food, I would like to ask is food allergy could be an issue right now? and what are certain foods I have to avoid giving her? Thanks

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    If you know your baby's blood type, then I've found that introducing foods that are highly beneficial for her blood type can be ideal, and avoiding foods that can cause problems for her blood type is helpful.

    However, most babies are not typed at birth which means you simply won't know her blood type, unless you know the blood type of your husband and yourself, at which point we might be able to narrow it down.

    But in most situations, just introducing one food at a time can be helpful.

    There is a fabulous book called Baby Led Weaning which teaches you how to introduce solids to your baby as your baby shows signs of readiness.

    Baby will feed herself from the beginning, and no babyfood is served - simply soft foods that baby can easily manage. Don't forget that "food is for fun, until they are one", which means that your breastmilk or baby's formula will continue to be her primary source of calories and nutrients while she becomes accustomed to different textures and flavors.

    Here's a video showing you more about why baby-led weaning can be best for baby. Personally, I held my baby on my lap and started introducing foods when my babies were about 8 months old or when they started reaching for the foods I had in my hands.

    I was not familiar with baby led weaning when my children were babies, but it's definitely something I will encourage my children to do with their children.

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    Hello Kate! I will definitely take your advice regarding Baby Led Weaning. Thank you so much for the reply =) God Bless

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    Hi seanntori,

    As Kate says baby led weaning means allowing the baby to try and explore a range of food types themselves. In the book by Gill Rapley she explains that babies who are allowed to feed themselves have even been found to not choose food that they are allergic too. That said, if you have any family history of allergies then I would avoid giving your baby this food type. Eggs and peanuts are common childhood allergies, although you obviously need to be careful with nuts anyway due to the choking hazard (my 22 month old still doesn't have nuts). I would have a read of Gill Rapley's book as it is great at explaining all this.

    Have fun weaning!

    Best wishes,


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