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    What to eat? How do I increase my fertility chances?

    I have Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome, my cycles range from 36-52 days. I already have a 3 year old daughter. Now, we want another child but the thing is my husband comes home only once a year for about 30-40 days. I want to know what food groups can be really good in enhancing a more regular menstrual cycle? I know my cycle has improved a bit because prior to getting pregnant I used to have 60-90 days cycle. I am not overweight or diabetic, or anything. I am 33 years old and in a good healthy state. I will appreciate anything that you can share with me. And another thing my husband had a low count the last time he had his check up, is there any diet he can take too to increase fertility chances? Thanks!

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    Hello mylifemylovemylittlegirl,

    I'm not sure what you already know about PCOS so I'll start with the basics and we will go from there.

    PCOS is similar to diabetes in that high blood sugar often occurs due to insulin receptors not being able to accurately determine how much sugar is in the blood. When insulin receptors work properly, they can determine when blood sugar goes too high, and then they tell the body to release insulin to regulate it.

    When there's too much sugar in the blood, this can throw hormones off and cause irregular cycles and lack of ovulation. This obviously makes getting pregnant much harder.

    So what can you do to help regulate your cycles? I'll give suggestions for medication and for natural remedies.

    Metformin or Glucophage are medications that can help regulate blood sugar. These medications are often given to women who have PCOS and also to Diabetics. However, they are medications so I would encourage you to try natural remedies before medication.

    One of the best things you can do to regulate your blood sugar level is to exercise every day, for at least 30 minutes. An hour is even better. The types of exercise that use up sugar in the blood (and thus help regulate hormones best) are resistance exercises or muscle building exercises.

    Here's a really simple resistance exercise that a mum shows you how to do whenever you have a little bit of free time.

    Another easy exercise you can do that develops muscle and uses more blood sugar is the wall squat. Here's a video showing you how to do that quat. You'll notice she places a ball between her legs and I've even seen wall squats done with a ball behind your back (between back and wall) which makes it much easier to slide up and down on the wall, but you don't have to do it that way. I wanted to show you an effective exercise you can do if you don't have any equipment.

    Walking can be an easy exercise to do each day. Just put your 3 year old in the carriage and push her along while you take your walk. If you do resistance exercises and go for a brisk walk for 30 minutes every day, you will be well on your way to balancing your blood sugar and increasing your fertility.

    Exercise is something you'll want to continue throughout your pregnancy, so finding an exercise leader may give you the extra incentive you need to get that exercise in each week.

    I'll post about the foods and supplements that can help with your PCOS next.

    Please let me know if you learned anything new or if you have any other questions about exercise for PCOS.

    Warm Regards,


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    Now that you know about how exercise can be helpful, we will talk about what foods increase cycle irregularity in women with PCOS and what foods help to regulate cycles.

    Regulating your blood sugar levels through diet can be very helpful. To do this, eliminate sugar, sweet fruits and most simple carbohydrates like dry cereal, bread, muffins, cakes, candy, pasta, and most desserts. We also know that dairy products and wheat cause inflammation in the body and can contribute to infertility, so I would encourage you to eliminate those as well.

    Increase your vegetable intake. This would mean eating two, large, green salads a day. Make sure you have vegetables in many different colors, as they offer a higher variety of vitamins and minerals. Make your salad the first course of each meal, and make sure it is very large. Once you are done with your salad, you can eat your high quality protein and a little whole grain carbohydrates. By that time you should be full.

    Another thing that can be very helpful is being sure you are getting enough high quality oil and essential fatty acids.

    Something that really helped me with regulating my cycles was taking 1 Tblsp. organic olive oil 30 minutes before dinner each day plus 1 Tblsp. flax oil plus 1/2 to 1 Tblsp. flax/evening primrose combination. I think the flax/evening primrose was simply because I had some on hand and needed to finish it off. If I hadn't had that, then it would have been 1 1/2 to 2 Tblsp. flax oil daily. I was also taking 2 Tblsp. liquid chlorophyll each day, which helps with the flax oil utilization. I was not taking any other fish oils, though taking a high quality cod liver oil instead of the flax is an option.

    Doing this (plus the other vitamins/minerals I was taking) helped to regulate my cycles very quickly and I have a friend who did this same protocol and it regulated her cycle quickly too.

    You could start by adding the 1 Tblsp. olive oil each day, 30 minutes before dinner if you have some on hand. You want it to be fresh, not rancid. I keep my olive oil in the refrigerator even though it does get thick when it's cold. But that keeps it freshest. I also bought a high quality organic one at the nutrition shop for this particular protocol but you could start with what you have on hand as long as it's fresh. I could only tolerate the olive oil and flax oil for a month and then my body literally told me it couldn't do any more because even thinking about oil made me nauseous. My friend never had this issue - she continued the olive oil after the first 30 days with no problem.

    Now I'm going to introduce you to a diet which brings result faster than anything else I've ever seen, and it's a raw diet full of life giving enzymes that balance hormones and increase fertility and egg and sperm quality. This is something you and your husband could do to increase your eggs and his sperm quality and quantity.

    In this video, you will hear from Natasha, who healed her PCOS completely naturally with no medications. I think you'll enjoy this video where she tells you what she did.

    It's also super important that you know how to read your body's fertility signs so that you can get your baby making timing absolutely perfect when your husband is home. You don't have month after month after month to try, so knowing exactly when you're in your fertile window is going to be critical for you so you can make the most of those few days each year that he is home.

    I'll post more about that in my next post.

    Please let me know your thoughts on what I shared in this post and on Natasha's video.

    Warm Regards,


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    Hello mylifemylovemylittlegirl,

    It can be really tough to get pregnant when your husband is only home for such a short period of time each year... even if you're not struggling with PCOS. But knowing how to watch your body's personal fertility signs can improve your "baby making" timing considerably.

    Anyone who has PCOS should become an expert on watching her personal signs of fertility. The reason this can be so helpful is because you'll actually have a chance of catching your ovulation BEFORE it happens, even if your cycles are not regular.

    Here's a thread that discusses how to conceive if you have irregular periods. There's a lot of good information there.

    Let me know how familiar you are with reading your personal fertility signs.

    Warm Regards,


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    Hi Kate! This is awesome! All the while, I thought I was doing okay. I am not overweight, and my blood glucose level is normal. But reading the links you shared and the videos and all the stuff in here makes me really inspired to work and regulate my period. I love the video! I agree, it is in fact the simple steps that will help you big time. First, I need a renovation in my diet. No more Krispy Kremes and caramel coated pretzels. This is gonna be rough for me and my sweet tooth but I guess the drive to be healthier is much stronger. I do exercise but not regularly, I need to do it more often and longer now. I eat veggies and greens but I can say I am more of a dessert lover, so I guess my ice cream Fridays would have to go and take a backseat. I remember I took cod liver oil before I got pregnant but it never occured to me to try it again now. I have a good background on PCOS and watching my fertility signs but I think I became a little lax when I had my firstborn. Anyway, I want another baby, but before that I think I will work on being a healthier mum first and reinvent myself so I will be much healthier and much more ready for another babe.
    Thanks so much Kate. You are a blessing. More power!

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    Hi mylifemylovemylittlegirl,

    I'm so glad you were newly inspired by this thread.

    One thing you could do now, to help transition yourself off of sweets (I'm a dessert lover too) would be to think about what it is you're really craving, and then choose a healthy alternative that will satisfy.

    Here's an example of that...

    You're thinking about ice cream and how yummy it would taste. Now you stop and think, what do I really want? Is it the sugar/sweet (which can give energy - you'll often notice that you reach for the sweet carbs when you are feeling a little tired), is it the creamy texture? If it's chocolate ice cream, is it the chocolate? Is it the ice cold temperature? Is it the fat content which can make you feel more full than a glass of juice?

    Now think of some things that are healthy and have similar components.

    Avocados are creamy and high in good fats. You can easily add cocoa and pure maple syrup to make a healthy, raw chocolate mousse (use a food processor to blend smooth and you'll never know you've got avocado in it).

    Smoothies are sweet when you use fresh or frozen bananas and other fruits, and if you add some greens you'll have a really healthy frosty treat that could be a good alternative to ice cream. I actually have a Champion Juicer which I use to make pure fruit sorbet. I just place frozen bananas and frozen strawberries through the machine (with the blank on, not the screen) and it produced pure fruit sorbet that, I think, tastes like ice cream. Very satisfying.

    Always keep some healthy snacks on hand like raw nuts and dried fruit like raisins. Once you've transitioned off of donuts and ice cream and sugar, onto fruit, then you'll work on reducing your fruit intake because anyone with PCOS really needs to be eating no sugar and very little fruit in order for their reproductive system to work properly.

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