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Hi Jane, I will try not to take up too much of your time here I am in the same position as many on this website it seems, when bleeding is questionable. I had IUI, got pregnancy symptoms (more likely hormonal that made me feel pregnant) pretty early -- sore back, on going headache, gas, increased thirst, minor abdomen cramps. A few days ago, sat i started to spot, nothing that really worried me, as i figured it was implantation bleeding... it stopped after a couple hours. I woke up to no bleeding Sunday. However later Sunday the bleeding started again, but heavier... not enough to fill a pad, but enough to look like a lot on toilet paper every time you wipe. I decided to wait it out (AF was supposed to arrive Wed, 3 days later) and woke up today (Monday) with it a lil heavier... now it will reach the pad... but its sooo watery (NEVER have I had this, ever) its almost pink at times, but mostly a very bright bright red. yes, I have had minor cramps, but I had them before the bleeding started, on and off all week, so hard to tell if its related to it or not. Headache, backache are not usually part of my pms symptoms at all, nor is the watery cycle (whatever it is). I did take a pregnancy test, sensitive to 20 miu, negative Sunday. I feel pregnant, but perhaps it is because of my backache, sore breasts and this headache that just won't leave me alone (though not always constant). I even had nausea briefly last night, not part of my normal cycle either. I have been drinking 4+ glasses of water a day (usually closer to 6 or 7 for the past two weeks... could that make it watery? Is it really a menstrual cycle or could it be implantation? It feels like a period, but the symptoms I have just are unusual for me, so I am not quite convinced. I have never been pregnant before, this was my first month TTC. Do you think I should go get a blood test for safety's sake? I think it is still too early, as I am day 2 on the bleeding. What if it stops before 5 days? Would that then be a good time for a blood test, or is it not worth doing? I just hear of women who thought they had a menstrual cycle, were not pregnant, and ended up pregnant weeks later without symptoms... and their bleeding was similar to mine... heavy bright red but you are not changing tampons several times a day etc. Enough blood to fill two in 12 hrs was the worst (usually i have to change every 4 hrs max on day 2) and Sunday I went all day and night without even needing a tampon. (I am rambling, will shut up now, lol). What do you think?

Do you think that Stacey is experiencing a menstrual cycle or is it implantation bleeding?

Home pregnancy tests are most reliable 5 to 7 days after a period is due. Even though most tests say you can test on the day your period is due. Research shows they are much more accurate a little further down the track. My suggestion is to wait and see what happens. If Stacey still feels like she is pregnant do another pregnancy test 7 days after the last test. If at all concerned Stacey could see her midwife or doctor.