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    How to prevent my baby from catching colds

    Hello there! My baby often gets some colds. What are important things I should do to prevent her from catching colds? Thanks

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    It sounds like your daughter's immune system needs to be boosted. I just posted about feeding green smoothies and this is something that could deliver more Vitamin C to her along with other nutrients that will help to boost her immune system.

    If you can continue breastfeeding this will be very beneficial to her as well.

    And you can also be sure you are not transferring viruses to her by washing your hands regularly throughout the day, and by using hand sanitizer whenever you are out. Do not let your baby sit in the carts or trolleys at the grocery store. Keep her in her car seat so she can't touch anything that others have touched. This is a biggie and will reduce her exposure to viruses and bacteria. You can also put her in a backpack when you go to the store, or get a cover for the seat area of the cart so that she can't touch what others have been touching.

    I was super careful about my children being exposed to germs when they were little because I didn't like having sick children. Washing hands, using hand sanitizer (on your own hands, not on hers) and keeping her away from things others have touched will go a long way towards keeping her more healthy.

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    Thank you so much Kate for this information, yes I should really keep my baby away from being exposed to germs.

    Many Thanks,

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    Breastfeeding is a great way to prevent cold and infection, and boost the immune system!


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    Yes, I will continue breastfeeding for my baby. Thanks Angela

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    I breastfed one of my babies until they were 3, but most weaned after 2 1/2 but before 3. There is so much pleasure in extended breastfeeding and it can also offer health benefits for both mum and baby.

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    I also wanted to mention that when my first baby was just an infant, I gave her vitamin C drops for infants. That seemed to help her avoid colds or get over them faster. I didn't do that with my other babies though. Instead, I just made sure my diet was healthy (cutting out sugar, etc.) and I knew that if I was taking my vitamins, that baby would get that in my milk.

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