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    What do you think about ultrasounds during pregnancy? I have already made them 4 times so far (I am 30 weeks pregnant) and I couldn't find much information about the effects. But I have noticed that the baby is not comfortable with it: he is hiding his face, or turning with his back, he is waking up if he was asleep before...Though it is really nice to see him, I would go for safety first, and if I go to doctor, that's the first thing they would do to check if everything is alright.


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    My midwife did not routinely schedule any ultrasounds for me because there are risks associated with ultrasounds. Here is an excellent article about the effects of sound and heat (ultrasound) on the fetus. It is definitely worth reading and considering.

    However with my first baby, I was exposed to slapcheek and the midwife and doctors wanted to be sure that I had not contracted the disease and that the baby was okay. So they were very aggressive in scheduling ultrasounds, wanting me to have 12 ultrasounds over a short amount of time.

    I did the first two and after the reviewing the results from those, I decided that I did not want to have anymore - or maybe I had one 4 weeks later, but I definitely did not have as many as they recommended.

    I did have one ultrasound with my 4th and 5th babies, to check for congenital heart defects because my 3rd baby was born with a congenital heart defect, but otherwise, I did not have any routine ultrasounds.

    I believe that ultrasounds have their place and can be very useful, but in general, I don't think routine ultrasounds are needed. If there's an indication for one, then the benefits can outweigh the risk.

    If you have not had anything that would indicate a true need for your ultrasounds, then I would probably opt out of anymore. 4 in 30 weeks seems to be quite a bit and I'm sure the doctor/hospital makes money every time they do one, which could be a big contributing factor to why they are done so routinely now.

    You are wise to question why the doctor is scheduling so many routine ultrasounds during your pregnancy. I would encourage you to be your own advocate. Research the information and make choices that are best for you and your baby... even if it goes against mainstream medicine. Often times talking to a midwife or a holistic doctor can be very helpful.

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