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    what exactly happens during a contraction? How does it actually feels like?

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    Contractions feel like a tightening of your tummy muscles and they work to move baby down the birth canal. When my contractions started with my first baby, I knew "something" was happening, but I wasn't sure it was a contraction. They weren't painful at all. As time goes by, contractions become more painful as they more forcefully tighten in an effort to move baby down and out.

    This video will show you baby's position from the womb and how contractions move baby down and out.

    Here's a really good video which shows the effects of contractions on baby. Read all the text that pops up so you better understand from a scientific standpoint what is happening to your baby (and your body) during contractions.

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    Kate pretty much summed it up. In my experience, some are painful, some are not. The key factor is the contracting, the tightening and loosening. It should go all the way around, like a belt. What's interesting to me is that they can often be seen from the outside, especially during hard labor. I've seen the complete outline of the baby when laboring with my thinner clients. It's hard to remember the way contractions feel when they are gone, but once they are gone, but after they intensify they are undeniable.

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