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    small belly @ 7 mos

    I think I have a small bump compared to other women who are currently pregnant. This is my first pregnancy and I wanna know if this is completely normal. Others say my baby will grow at this time of the month. How true? Im taking my prenatal vitamins regularly but I don't drink milk much. Will it suppress my baby's growth? I need ideas. Thanks.

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    Hi iyah80,

    Every woman is different when it comes to how much weight they gain and how much they "show". A woman with her first pregnancy will typically be much smaller in size (and the way she looks) than a woman with her 2nd or 3rd pregnancy. The reason is because a woman in her first pregnancy will have tighter abdominal muscles. A woman who has already given birth will typically have looser stomach muscles so she will show sooner in her pregnancy.

    Your baby is going to start putting on a lot of weight in the next couple of months. In the last 4 weeks, baby typically gains about 1/2 pound each week. Add more blood flow, more amniotic fluid and a larger placenta and you'll notice quite a bit of weight gain.

    If you want to add more weight, then be sure you are not eating sugar (sugar makes you less hungry and offers little nutrition), eat more nuts and seeds, avocado (good fats), eggs, high quality animal protein and plenty of vegetables and fruit. You don't have to have much dairy (if any) in your diet, as long as you are getting enough calories from high quality fats like avocado, nuts, seeds and animal protein.

    You can slather your steamed vegetables with butter (no margarine), eat a big green salad with plenty of nuts, seeds and avocado - coconut is a good fat too, and make green smoothies to drink each day, which will pack the nutrients in to help your baby grow.

    Warm Regards,


    Is the doctor concerned about your weight gain?

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    hi kate,

    Thanks for the reply. That completely answers my question.
    I think my doctor agrees with my weight. he didn't give me feedback about it.

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