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Hi Jane, Thanks for the informative article. I am not overdue yet but my doc said that baby is head down and has not engaged and it may take time. I am @38 weeks +1. also my ultrasound says my cervix is 38 and doc, on internal examination said my passage is narrow. What does all this mean? can i have normal delivery. Waiting response & thanks in advance.

How would you feel if your doctor offered you such advise? What implications does the doctors comments have? Any advise for Samta?

I have had many clients whose baby's heads have been not been engaged at 38 weeks. It can happen at any point and sometimes it takes some labour contractions to encourage the baby's head lower.

No assessment in pregnancy (an internal exam, xray or CT scan) is accurate in determining whether or not a woman is able to give birth naturally. In the past women were told there were not able to give birth after such assessments and then they went on to do so without difficulty. Telling a woman that she has a "narrow passage" only causes her to worry unnecessarily.