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    dark & bigger ariola

    hi I know this is a common question but I just want to be assured if my ariola will revert back to it's normal size and color after I give birth. It just got bigger, like double it's normal size, and darker. I can't stand it.
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    Hello iyah80,

    My areolas got noticeably darker as my body prepared for breastfeeding, but after I was done breastfeeding they went back to their normal color.

    I didn't really notice my areolas getting larger - maybe they did as my breasts became fuller in preparation for nourishing my baby. But everything went back to normal all 5 times.

    Having said that... I've read on other forums that some women's areolas did not go back to their original color or size, and other women's did. There's really no way to tell, but for most women, it seems that the areola color went back to the original color after breastfeeding.

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    I do not think my areolas got much larger, but then again they were already pretty big in diameter before I got pregnant and had a baby. I have seen it go both ways, sometimes they return to their previous state, sometimes they do not. Please do not let this discourage you from breastfeeding however. It is a normal part of development, with much of the change occurring not simply because of breastfeeding, but as a result of pregnancy. Though nipples grow and darken in order to assist with the breastfeeding process, most of these changes occur during pregnancy rather than breastfeeding.

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    hi kate and mom2many,

    thanks for the reply...i definitely want to have them back to normal

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    My breast is much bigger after giving birth. I tried to breastfeed but that didn't happen as much as I want to. Milk is not coming out. I did the pump and I ate green leafy veggies as advised.

    I was told that by breast is gonna go back to normal after the breastfeed. It's been two years and my breast looks the same.

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    Thanks for this link.

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