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Thread: was using furniture antibacterial wipes on my skin

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    Unhappy was using furniture antibacterial wipes on my skin

    hi im 31 weeks pregnant for the last 2weeks i have been using antibacterial wipes on my skin i thought it was for hygiene but as i have just re read the packet they are for removing grim etc for kitchens and things could i have harmed my unborn baby by using these wipes im freaking out ?

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    The skin does absorb nutrients and toxins from whatever you put on it. The rate of absorption can depend upon which area of the skin you were using the wipes on (i.e. hands, face, arms, etc.).

    The best thing would be to stop using any antibacterial products on your skin and just use soap and water. You may also want to be sure you are drinking green smoothies and eating as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. The more greens you get into your body the easier time your body will have of moving toxins out of your system. You don't want to do a heavy cleanse while pregnant, but eating greens and drinking fresh juices is a benefit.

    How are you feeling now that you are 31 weeks along?

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    It is probably nothing to worry about. There is nothing you can do to go back in time and the stress is likely more damaging for your baby than the wipes. Follow Kate's suggestions, eat immune boosting foods and stick to simply using warm water and soap from this point on. Even antibacterial solutions intended for use on skin are questionably safe or necessary.

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