The following question was posted by Georgia on the overdue page:
Hi Jane, I went in for my 40 week appointment with my midwife, who did a stretch-n-sweep. She said I was 2cm dilated and the babies head was engaged. My cervix is stretchy and ready. She told me to book for my 41 week appointment with my doctor, though she thought I wouldn't get that far... That night I had diarrhoea and contractions, but managed to get to sleep at around 11pm. I also lost my mucous plug, with brown guey and slightly bloody. I figured I was in the first stage of 'Latent Labour' However, over the next two days, all of the symptoms disappeared. On exactly 41 weeks, I woke again, with a greeny mucous coming out of my vagina, when I wipe. I told the doctor at my appointment, and he said it could just be more mucous plug. Does it change colour? and come out, stop, then start again, days apart? Could it be a sign of an infection? He didn't even write it in my 'notes', and I feel I should be concerned. Thanks for any advice.

What do you think could be going on for Georgia? Have you had a similar experience? What do you think about the doctors comments and not writing it in the notes?

Georgia I was wondering if the discharge is water like at all? Is there any odour? If the discharge is water like or their is an odour - these are both signs of concern. A mucous plug can come out in one lump or over a period of days (and occasionally weeks). If you are unhappy with the doctors assessment you can ask for a second opinion. It is unlikely the mucous plug changes colour (though not impossible).