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    Assert your right to choose!

    On a hospital appointment with a friend who is 40weeks +6 (first pregnancy, young mother to be) the lovely student midwife is talking to us about booking an induction date and about hospital policy (booking an induction for 41weeks +3) etc... We tell her my friend wishes to give her body the opportunity to go into natural labour as long as possible, at least til 42weeks which is still considered full term. She hesitates and is like "oh but hospital policy..." and makes a call to birth unit, we whisper to her to push for as long as possible...ends up booking an induction for 41 + 3, anyway she gets off the phone and we politely insist that is not good enough and we want to speak with a senior midwife. With fear in her eyes she reluctantly goes off to find a senior midwife.
    Senior midwife comes in and sits across from us with almost a halo of pride surrounding her and that her she knew best! Anyway my friend is quite anxious by this stage and at a loss for words. The senior midwife talks to us about the "hospital policy" and about the risks of going post term...I quickly (& politely) interrupt that 42weeks is considered full term and that my friend wants the opportunity to try until then to go into labour naturally and that couldn't we perhaps try a few less drastic measure before the induction such as book her in for a "stretch & sweep" and that inductions weren't risk-free. Her tone changes and both the midwives leave the room to speak with one of the doctors...they came back and lo and behold! From booking the induction for Saturday they changed it to Wednesday!
    Birth unit gave the student midwife a hard time when she changed the appointment and the senior midwife actually had to jump in and speak to them because they were being so rude and uncooperative. We thanked the midwives for their help & support of my friend’s choices.
    I'm so sad that a student midwife is made to feel scared to stand up for a women's choice
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