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    Weaning Advice

    Hello Ladies,

    I read a lot on these forums about breastfeeding success and failures, improving milk, etc. However, you read very little about weaning. A good friend of mine is a lactation consultant and LLL leader. We were seated the other day, having a talk about the subject of weaning and how reluctant women are to ask for help or even share the fact that they have chosen to wean.

    I firmly believe in the merits of child-led-weaning (wherein the child prompts the end of the lactation relationship usually between 2-4 years of age). However, I can also understand the endless tapestry of reasons for mother-led weaning. However, it is not something that those of us who support lactation offer enough support or open discussion about, though it can very well be part of the normal breastfeeding relationship.

    I have four children. I am breastfeeding the fourth and she is about to be two. This is the longest I have ever breastfed. With my first two I weaned before they were old enough to care, with my third I lost my supply when I became pregnant with number four and he lost interest in my boobs. Now with baby four I am still bfing multiple times a day. She is lu-trained, talking, has lost all her baby teeth, and is in the 99th percentile for height and weight. So you can imagine the dirty looks I get when she insists on having some "boobie" at the mall. Now, I for one do not give a flying crap what uneducated people at the mall think about my bfing toddler. However, I am starting to feel like I want my body back. I am ready for a change and I know that the inevitable closure will come soon anyway. I would like to start pushing her in the direction of weaning. I really want to be done by the time she turns two in February, which I think gives me a good amount of time to gently prompt weaning.

    Of course, I have mixed feelings, I want her to be a baby forever because she is likely my last blessing. However, I know little about intentional weaning because it is so rarely discussed. SO baby-led or mother-led I want to hear stories, advice, etc. No judgement. This is simply a space for us to discuss the end of that relationship, sad, happy, however you feel, it is all totally understood.

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