Did you have cravings during pregnancy? What were some that stood out? Favourites?

What about aversions? Anything you absolutely could NOT eat during pregnancy? For those of you who have had more than one pregnancy, did it differ with every child or stay largely the same?

Do you think your cravings had anything to do with a nutritional imbalance of some sort?

For my part, I craved sour cream when I was pregnant with number one. I do not really recall any aversions, but with all of my subsequent pregnancies I had an aversion to eggs and sometimes meat.

With baby number two, I craved beef.

With baby number three, I craved caesar salads.

With baby number four, I craved sugar and peanut butter.

I craved something different with every baby, though my aversions remained pretty steadfast. Not sure if my cravings were the result of an imbalance or not. I have heard sugar cravings typically mean a lack of iron. I was anemic with my first two bubs, but not the second two.

I remember at times my cravings were so intense I could not bring myself to eat anything other than the thing I wanted. However, I never had morning sickness and I was able to maintain a relatively healthy diet.

Share your stories! I would love to hear about how cravings/aversions have affected other mothers.