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    more exercise for my son

    My six year old son is not getting enough exercise. He's always in front of the computer or the TV. How do I encourage him to play? He's very shy and doesn't enjoy meeting people.

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    Hi Maria,

    There are lots of ways to encourage your son to move around more.

    I would encourage you to make other options available to him like playing in the back yard, taking a walk with you, or going to the park. He doesn't have to play with other children when taking a walk or going to the park. You can walk around the park with him. You can go on a bike ride with him.

    Once you have options for him, then you'll just take the TV and computer games away and ask him to go outside and play, or to read a book, or to do something to entertain himself, rather than being entertained.

    What kind of exercise would you like him to choose instead of TV and computer games? I'll try to give more ideas on how to motivate your son once I know what his exercise/movement options are.

    Warm Regards,


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    Hi Kate! Thank you for the wonderful ideas. This is why I enjoy the forum. Have a nice day!

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    You can even play with him the games he plays or as cartoon character he loves to watch it will help him to get involved on physical activities.

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    Great tip ElizaSeyler! This one has worked well with my eldest son.

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