I have recently been diagnosed with blighted ovum. I had two ultrasound scans done. The first one showed a gestational sac 1.5cm, and yolk sac 0.3cm. No fetal pole or heart beat. Making me 6 weeks. I was told to come back for another scan. The second one was similiar, gest. sac 1.8cm, and yolk sac 0.4cm. No fetal pole or hb. My doctor told me my pregnancy was non viable. I was told to wait two more weeks to miscarriage, otherwise i have to make a decision to have a op. or use meds. I can still feel bubbles poping sensation. This will be my third pregnancy, during my second pregnancy, i was able to feel the baby very early too, same sensation. I have ask my doctor to do blood tests, but she said they're inaccurate and there was no point doing the tests. I feel like i have been misdiagnosed, i dont want to terminate, as i have doubts. I have PCOs so my period is very irregular, and i not sure of my last period. I want to ask for another ultrasound, but my doctor already told me it was over. I dont think i will be able to let go, if i dont get another scan done, or more test. I just want to be sure? Has this ever happen to anyone? I dont know what to do. I have a tilted uterus and read that sometimes they wont be able to see the fetus untill 10 weeks. I want a second opinon, but i know how doctors are, as soon as i show them my previous scan, they will not give me a chance. Please help me.