Bianca emailed me the following question:
Just wondering if i have been induce twice before is it likely that i will need to be induced my third time round?
My first (5days overdue ) induction was with the drip and my second (10days overdue) i only needed to have my water broken.

Do you think that Bianca will need to be induced third time around?

My thoughts - Bianca normal pregnancy is 37 to 42 weeks. Women who go past their due date in one pregnancy are more likely to go past their due date in a subsequent pregnancy. However you can go into labour at any point without the need of an induction of labour. Research doesn't support induction of labour at 5 days after your due date unless there has been other medical issues. Your body will go into labour naturally if given enough time. Women are usually offered an induction of labour around 10 days after their due date. You have to weigh up the benefits versus the risk of induction of labour and the benefits and risks for waiting for labour to start naturally - before making a decision. If you went into labour after having your waters broken with your second baby - you were most likely very close to going into labour yourself.