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Thread: What type of carrier do you use?

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    What type of carrier do you use?

    As a mum to four, I have tried out almost every type of baby carrier there is. I have a few personal favourites, and ones that I found worked better at certain times. I noticed the book Babywearing by Maria Blois and I think it would be a fantastic read for anyone that is pregnant. When I was pregnant with my first, I was overwhelmed with all of the choices for carriers. I never knew there could be so many different styles, and finding the best one was difficult. Over time, I finally settled on a few that I liked for different occassions. I prefer buckle carriers or mei tais for longer trips, and I like ring slings for quick trips to the store.

    So, what type of carrier do you use? Do you use different carriers depending on where you are going?

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    I also have four children and have tried out just about every carrier out there. I love ring slings for newborns, hands down I think they are the best option out there. I also think wraps work well for young babies.

    After around 4-6 months old the Ergo, a type of structured carrier, is the very best in my opinion. I like that it feels so secure and I can chase around my older kids without worrying that my youngest will tumble out. I have also had success with mei tais for older babes.

    I sometimes carry my two youngest at the same time (they are only 16 months apart). When that is the case, the oldest goes on my back in the structured carried and the baby goes in the front, usually in a wrap. I have seen some women use two ergos for tandem carries.

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    Well with my first son I used a different type of carrier which I know you have used as well. I am now about to start the sling carrier which wraps the baby up a lot more securely and everything. I guess there is no best option, you just have to see what you like and what is comfortable for you and your baby. I don't know which one I will like most, but I will see what happens after I have my second one.

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    I find a lot of my clients like the wrap type slings - while they are a little more involved to put on they are really versitle. At one of our Pregnancy and Parenting Network get togethers the women had the opportunity to try out the diffferent types of wraps - you can see the photos on this thread of the forum.
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