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Thread: Breastfeeding Tips

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    Breastfeeding Tips

    Whilst everyone agrees breastfeeding is natural, many of us have had difficulties breastfeeding at first. Post your tips to help others in the early days of breastfeeding. Also have a look at for more advice.

    I'll get us started: I found experimenting with different feeding positions helpful.

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    One tip I'd suggest is doing a breastfeeding education class in pregnancy. Gaining as much information ahead of time can help with any difficulties faced with breastfeeding a new baby.
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    I think it is extremely important that mom stays hydrated and gets plenty of rest during the first postpartum month. My midwife made me promise to stay in bed for two weeks.

    Though not practical for everyone, I think taking the month off to have a babymoon is an important tradition that more cultures should take part in. It helps to build supply and encourage bonding.

    As a doula I always stress the importance of this critical time to fathers and other close relatives of the mother.

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    I definitely think that becoming informed before the baby is born is important. Breastfeeding is natural, but it does not always come naturally to the mom or the baby. It truly is a learning experience, so I think that reading and learning as much as possible is important, through books and classes.

    I think having a strong support system in place is important, as well. During the early weeks, the baby may need to breastfeed often, which can leave a new mum feeling overwhelmed. Having people who are supportive and knowledgeable can really help.

    I think many new mums are told things that are incorrect too. They may be told that they do not have enough breast milk or that their baby does not plot well on growth charts. I think finding someone who is a professional is important, because simply getting information from friends or a paediatrician that does not know enough about breastfeeding can actually cause problems. Getting information from family or friends is helpful, but having help from a lactation consultant will really make a difference.

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    I would defiantly research everything you can and talk to other mothers as well. This is a great tip to use. Every woman is different and you never know what you may go through. There are a few things that you may have in common with others or others may have experienced the same thing. There are a lot of tips out there, but this one is good and taking a class if you can as well. Oh and know what things will dry up your milk or contaminate it like certain medications and things like that.

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