Have any of you tried placenta encapsulation? Do you think you would try it with future pregnancies?

I am a doula offering multiple services to clients, and one of these services is the encapsulation of placenta. In a nutshell, the placenta is boiled, dehydrated, and place in tablets following the birth. The practice is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. However, eating of the placenta, in one form or another, is a deeply rooted tradition in many cultures.

The consumption of placenta, dehydrated or raw, is believed to replenish the body of valuable hormones and iron lost during the process of labour and delivery. Since it is developed within a woman's body it is packed with specially-formulated essential nutrients created just for her body. It is a great way to fight postpartum depression, dysmorphic milk ejection reflex, and general baby blues naturally and effectively. It can also help to increase and maintain breastmilk supply and quality.

End the end the pills produced through encapsulation look just like any other herbal remedy tablet. There is no strange aftertaste, the product is dry, etc. The mother begins by taking a few a day, sometimes with a glass of wine, and then gradually decreasing the dose. Some women opt to store placenta pills in the freezer for usage during menopause or other blue times. The average placenta will produce around 150 pills.