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Thread: Cravings?

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    Did you have any cravings during your pregnancy? Anything unusual?

    I never really had a particular craving, but I did crave certain types of foods, such as something sweet or something salty. I would often prefer one particular food for a few weeks and would want to eat it nearly every day, and then I would begin craving something different.

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    Well I have craved certain types of foods and candies. I have not really craved anything unusual really. I have always been craving Chinese or something along those lines, to be honest it has not been anything weird. With my first son I craved beef jerky and mike Ikes as well as Chinese food and now with my second one it is the same thing really. Nothing unusual though.

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    I didn't crave a lot of things during my pregnancies. Definitely nothing unusual. The only things I can think of at the moment are Caesar salads and sour cream.

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