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    Unhappy How long were you sick for?

    I've just read on here that 50-90% of pregnant ladies experience 'morning sickness'. How many weeks did it last for you? For me with my first baby it went on for 30 weeks: sometimes I worry how long it will last in my next pregnancy .

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    With my three babies my morning sickness lasted until almost 14 weeks each time. However as a midwife I notice that women can have different experiences with each pregnancy. What did you try to alleviate your morning sickness? I would suggest consulting a naturopath for preconception care - this can have a positive impact on reducing (or eliminating) morning sickness in pregnancy.
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    I did not get morning sickness with my fist baby at all. I actually did not have any symptoms what so ever with my first one. I am not 26 weeks with my second one and I really did not have any sickness with him either. I don't know maybe I am just a lucky duckling.

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