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Thread: What do you love most about baby wearing?

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    What do you love most about baby wearing?

    The longer I have worn my baby, the more benefits I seem to find for baby wearing. My favourite aspects of baby wearing are:

    Closeness: being able to see my baby at face level and communicate with him easily.


    Calming: I use baby wearing to settle my baby - he seems really confident and relaxed when he is in the carrier.

    What about you? What do you enjoy most about baby wearing?

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    I must say the thing I loved most about wearing my babies was having my hands free to get on with what I needed to do while my babies felt comfortable and secure.
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    I love being able to keep my baby close, while still being able to get other things done. I also think that baby wearing is a wonderful way to promote bonding, and it makes it easier to breastfeed when we go out. I also like that it helps my baby feel secure and comfortable, so he can rest. My baby usually falls asleep in the carrier.

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    I love having my baby close to me. Sometimes when we are walking around and she is in a front hold she looks up and me and purses her lips for a kiss. It melts my heart.

    Furthermore, some days I don't know how I would get my house cleaned or cook dinner if it weren't for my carrier.

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    I love having my hands free and being able to keep the baby really close. My son would always fall asleep when I was holding him close to my heart. With my second one I am ready to do the dame thing. When you have your hands free that is a great one to love, so that you can carry everything. I usually have to grocery shop and stuff like that, so I love to have a hands free day sometimes.

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    It's true: I can't imagine getting any jobs done around the house without my baby carrier!

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    Hi LJ,

    I just wonder if a 2 months old bub can now wore baby carriers?If not, what is the suggested age for it?



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    Hi Mandee,

    Thank you for your question.

    Yes it is safe to carry a 2 month old baby in a baby carrier - as long as they are in a carrier and a position suitable for their age. I have used baby wearing with my son from when he was 1 day old! From 0-12 months I used the Kari Me sling: this is a soft wrap sling. At 2 months of age I liked the 'Cuddly Position' best as he enjoyed sleeping in this position and I could even use it for breastfeeding discretely. A friend of mine uses the Manduca baby carrier - this can also be used from birth.

    I would definitely recommend giving baby wearing a go as there are so many benefits for you and your baby - as people have shared above. It also helps you to bond with your baby.

    This link by Baby Wearing International explains the safe baby wearing positions. As long as these guidelines are followed, it is at least as safe as carrying a baby in your arms - if not more safe. It really is a wonderful way to spend time with your baby.

    Let us know what you think and how you get on.

    Best wishes,

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