Hi all I am 26 in 2 days I will be 27, details of my Autism are on my profile for those who are interested. I have interested in adoption since I was 19 and now that I have my own flat I feel that January next year will be the right time to start the adoption process. In the mean time I am looking to learn as much as I can about parenting a special needs child, as I am hoping to adopt a Special needs baby, preferably one with Low Functioning Autism. THis is because Having High Functioning Autism myself I can understand how children with low functioning autism think and relate to their environment and those around them. I believe I can help a child with low functioning autism grow in to a mature contributing member of society. However I need to learn all I can about special needs parenting and general parenting before I can accomplish this goal. I have already got several books from the library however being a technophile I would much rather read from a screen. This means me progress through these books is rather slow, i'm only 4 chapters through the first book after 3 weeks and one extension.

Any help would be much appreciated thanks.