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    Motherhood, my life's purpose

    Hi Super Moms,

    I am Sheila, 30 years old. I would like to say, I am happily married though we just lost our baby recently. We're trying to cope with this loss and looking forward to having another baby that hopefully will be given to us at the right time.

    For years, I have dreamed to become a mother. When that time finally came, sad to say, it was not the right time. Maybe my husband and I were ready but to God it wasn't yet the right time. I believe what happened was for a reason and that it will be a lesson learned.

    I am glad there's a community like this. Where I can be informed regarding questions that's bothering me or be informed on things that I don't know.

    I'm looking forward to a great exchanges in the future.

    Best Regards,

    Sheila Moreno

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    Welcome Sheila,

    You are an amazing woman, with a awesome story. Id love to encourage you to share your story with other women in hopes that other women have gone through miscarriage and may be looking for support.

    You are so strong to be able to come here and share your experience with us. Thank you for trusting us.
    Women to women community is very important in healing.
    I do hope that you find the support that you so desire here.

    Much love to you,

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    Hi Sunnymumof5,

    Thank you for the encouragement. This community really help me cope. Just by reading different experiences that other parents go through. And as well as sharing my own.

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    Great to hear that you are able to find community support.


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    Yes, Sunnymumof5, it really is. Thank you

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    Hi there ladies, I am new here and I am glad I found this site and I love to share my own experiences and learning's about pregnancy. :-)

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    Hi Kristine403, welcome!!!

    I hope you'll have an amazing experience with this community as I am. Lots of stories that we can relate to and learn. And there are a lot of amazing moms and professionals we can talk to.

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