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Thread: Benefits of co-sleeping

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    Benefits of co-sleeping

    I have just come across this quote in the co-sleeping section of this site (

    'Learning to love is an ongoing process for mother and baby and hormones continue to play an important role - day and night.' (Pinky McKay)

    Wow! This resonates with my personal experience of co-sleeping. It has enabled me to bond with my baby - even in the early hours of the day. What do any fellow co-sleepers out there feel have been the main benefits of co-sleeping for them and their little one?

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    Co-sleeping enabled me to get more sleep while my baby demand breastfed through the night. I just loved the closeness and the bond that it created. I couldn't imagine parenting any other way.
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    Benefits of having my children in bed with me

    Co-sleeping not only allows mum to get more sleep at night, but can also help regulate baby's breathing and has been associated with a reduced risk of SIDS.

    It also helped my husband to bond with each of our babies. Every one of our children were in bed with us when they were young, and had no problem transitioning to their own bed when they were ready (or we were ready).

    If my huband and I needed some intimate time alone, I would lay a blanket on the floor and breastfeed baby to sleep. When my husband and I were done, I'd pick baby up off the floor and put her in bed with us. This worked very well through the first 12 months and beyond.

    It's all about getting creative and doing what works best for the entire family. The family bed (or co-sleeping) was a big blessing for us all.

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