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    Are you a closet co-sleeper?!

    I love co-sleeping. My baby loves co-sleeping. He sleeps well and is a happy, contented and confident baby. I've researched co-sleeping and I whole-heartedly agree with the benefits ( But when another mum asks me how my baby is sleeping (that classic question!) or which room my baby sleeps in, I feel twinges of shame: should I admit that I am a co-sleeper?! Will I be criticised? Does anyone else have similar experiences of feeling like this? How do you deal with any criticism of co-sleeping?

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    I did feel that way when I had my first child, especially when the paediatrician would ask where the baby slept at night or what our sleeping arrangements were. Sometimes, I still feel as though I should keep it to myself. Yet, I know the immense benefits that co-sleeping has, and it is what has worked for my family, especially when my children were very young. I usually just tell people that my baby sleeps with me. I haven't really received any bad responses, although people sometimes wonder why I do it. I just let them know that it works for us, and co-sleeping has many benefits. If they are willing to listen, I may share some of the information with them. For those who criticise, I would simply tell them that it is my family and my choice, and I know what works for us and what is best for our situation. I also love to share information, as it may help someone become better informed.

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    I've personally always shared that I co-slept with my babies. Mind you within the circle of my family and friends most people co-sleep with their babies. I did have one very strong negative reaction by an early childhood nurse told me that I would kill my baby by co-sleeping with her due to the risk of SIDS. Mind you it was the wrong person to say this to. I let her know in no uncertain terms what I thought of her lack of informed opinion (and the way she delivered her opinion). Most parents co-sleep at some point. Many do it without finding out how to co-sleep safely. It is pretty simple to make co-sleeping safe. Avoid sleeping with your baby if:
    • You smoke
    • You drink alcohol or take drugs
    • If your mattress is soft
    • You sleep on the couch, bean bags etc
    • If the baby can become trapped between the bed, wall or bed frame
    • If the baby can be covered by bedding such as pillows, doonas or quilts
    • Other children or pets are in the bed
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    We are very open about the fact that we co-sleep, but as Aussiemidwife said, it's pretty common in my circle of family and friends. My first paediatrician agreed with co-sleeping and supported doing it safely. My current care provider does not, so I just avoid discussing it with her.

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    Thanks for your comments on co-sleeping! I agree that I would like to share it's benefits with others: something which will motivate me to talk about it despite the few negative reactions I have experienced.

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