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    Swimming for Babies


    I've always been curious about this. I've seen babies being taught how to swim and they seem to learn it very quickly. At what age should I try to teach my baby to swim? I read that they are natural swimmers, is this true?



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    I was in the swimming pool when my first baby was 13 months old. I had her float on her back and we just did a lot of "mummy and me" things together in the water. 3 year olds can learn to swim but I think that you can introduce babies to the water anytime.

    Here's a baby who is only 8 months old and this is her 3rd month of swim lessons. I think it's amazing that this little girl knows how to turn over and float on her back and kick to the side, at 8 months of age.

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    Hi Jersey1210,

    What did you think of this video? Did it help to answer your question about swimming?

    Warm Regards,


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    Hi Kate,

    Thanks for sharing the video! I think it's amazing that babies can do this at such an early age. I now feel more confident taking my baby to the pool


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