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    Wink Waterbirth is Wonderful!

    Hi all

    My first baby was a waterbirth. It was the most glorious experience. My second baby was a planned homebirth hospital transfer and ended in an caesarean. I don’t think I ever get past the sadness I feel that one of my children has such a beautiful and gentle entry into the world while the other had such a brutal and frightening arrival.

    But a bit like PamelaM when I first heard about waterbirth I was convinced it was dangerous. I think a lot of fear around waterbirth stems from the fact that we are land-bound mammals and as such we may insider birth in water just a bit odd. Keep in mind though that a human baby’s body is almost 75% water!

    Waterbirth offers many benefits to both mother and baby, as noted in this article and many others on this site in the waterbirth section.

    One important thing to remember is that human babies are born with the Mammalian Diving Reflex. This reflex prevents humans from inhaling when their face is submerged in water. It is the absence of water (or amniotic fluid) over their face and contact with air pressure, that triggers a baby’s first breath. Simply put there is no threat that a newborn will inhale water during the birth process, since its trigger to breathe oxygen is not present until it makes contact with the air. Until they do, a newborn is still receiving oxygen from the umbilical cord.

    Waterbirth is a wonderful option for birth and I would definitely encourage women to consider it!
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