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    Greetings from Stace: mother to 2 and birth photographer

    Afternoon everyone, it's wonderful to be here.

    I'm jumping right in and hope to learn a lot from the forum. As a mum to 2 young children (DS 7 and DD 18mts), I hope to achieve another pregnancy in the not-so-distant future with my new partner, alongside completing my photoimaging diploma, homeschooling DS, and working as a birth photographer... I like to keep busy as you can tell!

    I live in the Scenic Rim region of SE Qld, and hail originally from Tasmania. We may be moving back in a year or so but in the meantime we're enjoying what rural life has to offer here in Qld.

    For those who may be interested, please feel free to visit my business page over on Facebook: just search for Bloom 'with Stace'

    Best wishes!

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    Hi Bloomwithstace

    Welcome to the forum! You certainly do sound like you like to have a full plate. I am much the same I must say. Great to hear you are planning another pregnancy. You'll find articles on this site on preconception care you might find useful.

    Looking forward to hearing more of your journey!

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    Hi Stace!

    Great to have you join the forum. Wow you certainly live a full life - it sounds very happy and fulfilling.

    I wish you all the best with your next pregnancy journey and look forward to supporting you on here and learning from your experience too.

    Best wishes,


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