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Thread: Normal Sperm Cell Count

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    Normal Sperm Cell Count

    Hi, could anyone inform me what is the normal healthy sperm count to achieve pregnancy?

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    I believe it is 15 million sperm per millimeter, per ejaculation.


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    Hi Noemi,

    When determining the quality of sperm, you need to take into consideration not only how many sperm are in each ejaculate, but the quality of those sperm and the quality and quantity of the semen that the sperm swims in.

    You will want to have your husband's sperm morphology (how it is formed), motility (how well it moves in the right direction) and sperm count tested. If your husband has a good sperm count, but the sperm are not formed well and can't swim in the right direction then it is highly unlikely that enough sperm will be able to reach the egg to fertilize it.


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