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    Help me resolve my anxiousness

    As my first time trying to have a baby, I am really anxious and want to know more on the complications associated with pregnancy. We have a diabetic history runs from the family, my father died due to complications from his diabetes. I am a candidate for a diabetic as well as I like taking sweet foods. How can I avoid having a diabetic baby? Is it possible for me to have a normal delivery in the future?

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    Hi mjdingky,

    Diabetes does tend to run in families, but I am a firm believer in the fact that you can reduce the risk of your child developing diabetes by doing 4 months of preconception care.

    You and your husband should make changes in your diet and lifestyle now because it takes 4 months for an egg to fully develop to a point where it can be fertilized, and it takes 4 months for sperm to be made. Thus, if you start now in making some positive changes, this will impact the egg that will be released 4 months later, and it will impact the sperm that will be swimming 4 months later.

    You will find an excellent article on Preconception Care on this website that was written by the owner of this website, Jane Palmer.

    Things that you can do during your pregnancy that will lower the chances of you developing gestational diabetes would be to stop eating sugar. We know that white flour products turn to sugar very quickly in the body, so I would definitely limit those items as well.

    Then make sure you are getting plenty of dark leafy greens and try to eat 2 big green salads each day.

    Add in some exercise every day (even if it's just walking around the block for 30 minutes) and these two things (changing diet and adding exercise) will give you a better chance of having a smaller baby and being healthy during your pregnancy.

    How long have you been trying to get pregnant, or have you started yet? If you've been trying for a few months, please let me know what your cycle lengths are like as there is a condition called PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) which is the number one cause of infertility and is closely related to diabetes. One of the indications of this is having periods that are irregular and more than 35 days in length (though I had a friend who had PCOS and she always had 28 day cycles).

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