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    Red face preparations

    As a future mum, I would like to have a normal delivery same as other mother in the whole world. It gives me a creep just thinking of a caesarian delivery. What can I do or what are the preparations should I do to achieve a normal delivery?

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    Hi mjdingky,

    It's understandable to feel a bit apprehensive about the labour when you are pregnant but it's great that you are already starting to plan how you can help to have a natural birth.

    The statistics show that you are more likely to have a normal/natural delivery if you have midwife-led care. This is because one intervention tends to lead to another and if you are under consultant-led care you are more likely to end up with a c-section. Have you considered a home birth with a midwife present there? Women who choose this type of birth are also more likely to avoid a c-section.

    I had a doula for the birth of my second son (5 weeks ago!) and this is again another option for increasing your chance of a natural delivery thus reducing the chance of a c-section. We studied hypnobirthing with our doula. Being relaxed helps to make the labour shorter and the contractions more efficient, thus, reducing the chance of 'failure to progress' (to use the medical term). Anything you can do to help you relax and stay positive during the labour also has this result. For this reason it would be good to consider using a birthing pool.

    Birth can, and should, be a unique, positive and life-affirming experience.

    I wish you the birth of your dreams!

    Best wishes,


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    Choose a midwife, hire a doula, and READ READ READ.

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