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Thread: Calcium Supplements isn't working?

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    Calcium Supplements isn't working?

    I take calcium supplements coz of some terrible cramping I experienced when I was @30 weeks but still experience it right now that I'm at 34 weeks. Does this mean my body isn't absorbing the calcium im taking? what to do?

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    This could mean that your body is not getting enough calcium. It's really important to get your calcium from foods or take a high quality supplement. It's also important to make sure you are relaxed, getting plenty of rest and sleep, and that you're not stress. When you don't get enough rest and when you're stressed your digestion is compromised which means you can't absorb nutrients as well. Most people don't realize how stress affects digestion.

    If I were you I would look for Calcium citrate which is a highly absorbable source of calcium and make sure you take it with magnesium. There are also Calcium/Magnesium supplements and when I get this combination I look for it in chelated form which means that there are amino acids in the supplement to help with absorption.

    I would also start making green smoothies immediately and drinking these. The benefits of green smoothies are that adding dark leafy greens to your fruit smoothies helps you get more deep leafy green vegetables in you (more calcium) and the smoothies mask the taste so they taste yummy. When you blend the greens into your smoothie you're also breaking down the food which makes it easier for you to absorb.

    Here's a video showing you how to make a green smoothie with Kale. My favorite is banana, peaches, mango, pineapple and kale. I get a frozen blend of peaches, mango and pineapple at Costco. I freeze my own bananas so I always have them on hand, and I get fresh organic kale at the market. You can also make a berry, banana and kale smoothie. Then add water to blend.

    1 cup of kale has 3 times the calcium that 1 cup of spinach does. It also has a lot more Vitamin C. Try to use kale when you can, but if it's not available, spinach, swiss chard and the deep green leaves of Romain lettuce will work.

    If you start drinking green smoothies and you notice that they give you diarrhea, then back off on them some until you're not having diarrhea. Then add more back in. So good for you.

    Are you taking any essential fatty acids like Cod Liver Oil? I think this would be beneficial for you too.

    Please let me know what you think.

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