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    Does pregnancy really cause U.T.I. and lower back pain?

    Does pregnancy really cause U.T.I. and lower back pain? because I'm experiencing it now.

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    Women are definitely more prone to contract UTI's during pregnancy and lower back pain is a symptom. It is important to treat the UTI as soon as symptoms occur, as the infection can lead to preterm labor.

    To prevent future UTIs drink plenty of water, consume very little sugar, and try taking supplements that are urinary-tract friendly and safe for pregnancy. I highly suggest taking a daily dose of pure cranberry capsules or drinking a glass of 100% cranberry juice, with NO added sugar.


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    Unfortunately if you have ever had a back problem that was unresolved or a weak core you are prone and likely to have back pain in pregnancy. Osteopaths, one with an interest in pregnancy, are very safe and effective at helping. UTIs too are a common problem, I support the use of cranberry juice and probiotics. But always touch base with your GP with any signs of an infection.

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    Hi ilovemyJiro,
    To sooth lower back pain get up and get moving but avoid doing exercises that put pressure on your spine and during all exercises, practice the drawing in technique. Stretch several times a day and pay attention to all compensations you make during exercise. If needed lose weight and see your doctor regularly.
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