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    Making Love while pregnant

    Many people said we cannot do it but some said we can that's why I'm a bit confused. Now that I'm pregnant can I still have sex? and if so, for how long into my pregnancy? and is there any advantages and disadvantages of doing it?

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    If you are not having any bleeding, you may have sex anytime you want to. There is a mucus plug that is forming (or has formed) in your cervix which keeps bacteria from migrating up into your uterus where baby is developing.

    You can have sex throughout your entire pregnancy with no problem.

    When you go into labour your bag of waters will break and at that point most practitioners do not want you having sex. My bag didn't break until labour was well under way for me, so there never was a time when I had to say "no" to my husband.

    Now - I will also caution you that semen acts as a prostaglandin and can ripen the cervix. If you have premature labour, the midwife or doctor will most likely say "no sex" because they don't want you to go into labour. But if you're getting close to your due date and you're eager to get labour going, sex can be very helpful if your body is ready to give birth.

    So if there are no problems during pregnancy, have sex as often as you like, and if you hit 40 weeks and you're ready for baby to arrive, having sex can help bring labour on. If your body is not ready, then the body won't go into labour, no matter how much sex you have.

    Please let me know if this answers your question and feel free to ask more questions if you have them.

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    As long as the pregnancy is going as planned, with no major complications, then sex is fine and may even be a bit helpful. When your body is closer to going into labor, toward the end, semen may help to speed things along by acting as a prostglandin when applied to the cervix.

    If you are not bleeding or showing risks of preterm labor, sex during pregnancy is completely fine and potentially quite healthy. It will not hurt you or the baby and the baby is protected by the amniotic sac. Once your water is broken, it is best to abstain, but that does not always happen before labor, as Kate pointed out. I have had four babies, and my water bag only broke once before the transitional phase of labor.

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    Some excellent advice above; its a very special time for a couple and enjoy it. If you feel uncomfortable durring sex then try a different position. If you have concerns your midwife will be very comfortable discussing this with you.

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