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    Anticipate twin comparison ?

    Twin babies almost always together, almost look alike but they are very different person. When anyone see, they not
    inadvertent compare each other, like she is more friendly, she is more active, etc. when they grow up, more things to
    compare. I am worried it is not good. How to anticipate the comparison and the effect? Any advice and suggestion would be very grateful. Thank you for reading.

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    Hi TwoAngels,

    Your little ones are still very young, at just a year, but I understand your concern as they grow older.

    One thing I would encourage you to do is to learn what the God given personalities are of each person in your family, including your twins. You may have one child that is very sensitive, and another who is more aggressive but each will have strengths and weaknesses. Focusing on your children's strengths will be helpful when talking with others.

    Here's a great post to help you understand the different personalities in your family.

    It may take some time for you to learn what each child's personality is, but I will tell you that I was able to determine my youngest child's personality when she was about 12 months old. I share more about that story in the link to the article above.

    Once you have a general idea of what your little one's temperaments and personalities are, you will then be able to share this with others. If someone comments on how sweet one girl is, you can share about her personality and the strength she has in this area. If someone comments on how aggressive another little girl is, you can comment on why she is that way and the strength that this can be in the future, if directed properly (often times those who are strong willed make good leaders).

    I wouldn't be concerned about it right now. They are still very young and won't really pick up on this until they are much older. And it's probably very normal for people to compare twins that looks so much alike. Try to recognize that this is a normal response, and it's not meant to offend. It's just that often people want to try to find a difference so that they can tell them apart better. If you dress them in different outfits that will help people to be able to tell them apart, and if there's something about their look that helps you tell the difference, point that out to others.

    Your twins will greatly enjoy growing up with each other and having a constant play mate and will likely be best friends. All of that makes the "comparison" from others look like a very small part of their developmental years - having a best friend who is always there is a wonderful thing that few people get to experience.

    Please let me know your thoughts and I'll share more as needed.

    Warm Regards,


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    Hi Kate, thank you for your encouragement, it encourage me so much and give me new perspective . The article is very interesting. I will wait and see what their temperament are. I think I am a Golden Retriever/ Beaver

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