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    Pregnancy and Weight


    I gained so much when I got pregnant. I want to get into shape again. I want to know what are the best exercises I can do at home without going to the gym.

    Thank you.

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    Hello Sherry,

    There are three things you can do while breastfeeding to support weight loss in a healthy way.

    1. If you are breastfeeding a toddler, you will burn more calories if you continue breastfeeding while trying to lose weight.

    2. Changing your diet can be a huge benefit when trying to lose weight. This is not reducing calories but rather it's choosing foods that have a high amount of nutritional value. Here's an example of a diet that may have just as many (or more) calories as you're eating now, but the calories will come in a form that your body will utilize rather than store as fat.

    - Eat protein at every meal and snack. This could be a piece of beef, lamb, chicken, turkey or fish, the size of your palm. Get creative. A beef hot dog without nitrates or nitrites can be a great snack or breakfast food, and it's quick.

    - Eat high quality fats like Avocados, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Butter and Egg Yolks (try to eat the whole egg together, if you can). Grass Fed Butter is best because it has more vitamins in it). You could even eat 1/2 of an Avocado a day plus 1 Tblsp. of Olive Oil each day and still lose weight.

    - Eat plenty of vegetables each day, focusing on getting lots of deep green leafy vegetables into your body like spinach, Swiss Chard, Kale, Romaine Lettuce, Red Leaf Lettuce and the like. If you really want to boost your body's ability to burn calories, aim to get 1 pound of deep leafy greens into your body each day. This is easiest by juicing them.

    The things above will be your main focus. You can add in some legumes, like pinto beans, and a little grains like quinoa or gluten free oats, and some eggs. You could even add a little fruit.

    The things I would stay away from when trying to lose weight are:
    - Sugar (and anything containing sugar or other sweeteners high on the glycemic index, like corn syrup, maple syrup, honey, rice syrup and agave nectar).
    - Flour (and any products containing flour, like pasta, muffins, pancakes, cookies, biscuits, etc.)
    - Most fruit except strawberries, blackberries, raspberries (you can have as much of those as you want) Blueberries are okay, but limit them to just 1/2 cup per day because they are higher on the glycemic index.
    - Deep friend foods and fast food. In general, these will pack on the pounds and they're not very healthy anyway.
    - White Rice and Potatoes - both of these increase insulin levels quickly and make it extremely hard to lose weight.

    Here's a tip to help you speed up the weight loss even faster, when eating according to this plan.

    *** Combine Your Foods Properly ***

    Don't eat fats and carbs at the same meal (or snack). Go ahead and have a scrambled egg cooked in butter with grated cheese on top, 1/4 of an avocado and a couple of sausages or bacon. But don't add the toast or fruit or even a glass of milk (high in sugar). If you like coffee, have a cup of coffee and add 1 Tblsp. of cream (not milk). That's a very satisfying meal and is well combined.

    Now - if you'd like a carb meal, then you're going to focus on making sure you have protein with it. Turkey breast (not the dark meat) or Chicken breast is a good start, and you can place that in a low carb tortilla, add tomatoes, lettuce and onion, and you've got a well combined carb meal. Just make sure your carb meals stay under 40 net carbs. You shouldn't have to count carbs if you're focusing on vegetables and lean protein.

    There's a wonderful book called Trim, Healthy Mama which explains this plan really well. They also have a Trim Healthy Mama facebook group. So many amazing testimonials from Mums who have lost weight while breastfeeding (and after). I have the first book that they published and I found their facebook group to be wonderful.

    One of the best things about their plan is that they teach you how to make the most amazing desserts with natural sugar substitutes like Stevia, Xylitol and Erythritol. They even have a recipe for a sweet blend you can make yourself and use in recipes. I like to sweeten my berries with a sweet blend of Stevia and Erythritol, and then I add that to nonfat greek yogurt for a very low calorie but nutritious snack.

    Okay - so much for the diet portion of losing weight.

    The next part would be exercise, which is specifically what you asked about.

    Here's a great beginner's exercise video that you can do for the next 4 weeks at home, without any weights or other equipment.

    I hope this helps. Please post back and let us know your thoughts.

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    Do not take too much intensity or push yourself badly.

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    Problems caused by gaining and losing weight quickly

    I have gained 25 kg during pregnancy and after giving a birth to a child I felt horrible because of cellulite and stretch marks everywhere((. I am still a breastfeeding mom that's why I kept to a diet without fatty and fried food and this helped me to lose weight eating only healthy food but to get rid of cellulite and stretch marks was more difficult. I had a good effect using aloe vera and Vitamin A and E for stretch marks and preparing ground coffee scrub for cellulite using natural products. If you have the same problems caused by weight look for the natural homemade remedies

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    Dear Karina1987,

    Thank you for sharing your tips here.

    I'm sorry you have been feeling unhappy with your appearance. Remember that your body goes through significant, rapid changes during pregnancy and birth and it takes your body at least 18 months to recover from this.

    When did you have your baby? That's great that you are breastfeeding.

    Stretch marks can take a couple of years to fade and for some women they don't completely go. However, some women choose to view them as the beautiful marks of bringing children into this world.

    Do you have a weekly exercise regime?

    With warm wishes,

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    The very first thing you should do is to get up and move. You should be ready to do 20 to 30 minutes of cardio 3 to 5 times a week. The Surgeon General says that pushing a stroller 1-2 miles in 30 minutes burns 150 calories. So does walking up and down stairs for 15 minutes.

    Secondly, when you're breastfeeding, you need an extra 500 calories a day, or about 2,700 total. But since breastfeeding burns 600 to 800 calories a day, even if all you do is sit comfortably and feed your baby, you could still be losing weight.

    Finally, If your calories are distributed throughout the day, they're metabolized more efficiently and are less likely to be stored as fat. And watch the juices. All the vitamin C you need for one day is in a small glass of orange juice. Any more than that and you'll be drinking unnecessary calories. Also, eat high-fiber snacks like figs and raisins or whole-wheat crackers with veggies, suggests Rarback. They can fill you up and help with digestion and regularity.
    Nice to share with you

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