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    Complication During My First Pregnancy

    I experienced trauma during my 1st pregnancy, i almost died during that time of pregnancy complication (pre-eclampsia) 3 years ago. Now my hubby and I still afraid for my next pregnancy, we want to get ready physically, mentally and emotionally for this, is there any advice for us to conquer this fear?

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    Hi Marifego,

    I've been reading some of your other posts, and I noticed that when you had pre-eclampsia with your first pregnancy, that you not only had a very traumatic experience and almost lost your life, but you lost your baby at 26 weeks gestation. My heart goes out to you. What a very hard time that must have been for you.

    I commend you for wanting to prepare for your next pregnancy in all areas. This is so very important.

    The two areas I would focus on most would be preparing your body for pregnancy through diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. You want to act pregnant now, to get pregnant later. This means that if you wouldn't eat something when you're pregnant, don't eat it now. If you wouldn't smoke (or be around someone smoking) when you're pregnant, don't do it now. If you would take vitamins when you're pregnant, then take them now.

    The egg and sperm take 3-4 months to fully mature to the point where conception can take place. The nutrients and stress hormones that your egg, and his sperm, are exposed to during those 3-4 months, will affect the quality of those cells. If the egg and/or sperm cell are not healthy, the risk of miscarriage increases, as does the risk of baby being born with a health challenge. Preconception care is very important for about 6 months or more, before conception, if you have that long to prepare.

    The other area that's going to be very important for you is working through your fear, so that you can go into pregnancy and birth full of peace and confidence that you've done everything you could possibly do to give your child the best possible start at life. The more you learn and apply to your life, the more empowered you will be during your pregnancy, and, of course, the healthier you and your baby will be.

    I'm going to create a couple of posts that will address diet and stress reduction in more detail. I'll post back here and link to those pages when those posts are available.

    Please let me know if I can answer any specific questions you may have.

    Warm Regards,


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    Hi Kate,

    Thanks for this wonderful message. I found it very useful and meaningful in preparation for my next pregnancy, ill look forward for more of your post especially for the proper diet and stress reduction.



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    Hi kate

    Thanks for sharing such useful information keep will help for us.

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    Hi, I am really sorry to know this all but this is all part of life you have to accept and leave behind and I respect you for your bravery.
    I will only suggest you that by thinking to get pregnant to have a baby again itself shows your inner strength and hope so please do not dominate it with fear.Be positive, feel positive and have faith in GOD. Everything is going to be fine.Lots of great wishes.

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    Everything will be fine, do not get fear, consult your doctor to get fit physically for your next pregnancy. I think Yoga can make you feel better physically as well as mentally. Try out, All the best.

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