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    Tummy after Cesarean Section

    4 years ago, I gave birth through cesarean section and had an infection afterwards; the doctor said that I had an allergy with the thread she used, My Stitches look weird as if I have mini holes aligned with my belly button. Is this normal or something was wrong with how they did it? Does this mean I cannot give birth through CS again? Will this be fixed if I have another CS?

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    Im so sorry to hear about this. Im sure you can still have another baby though. Look in to Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. (VBAC) You may be able to deliver your next baby vaginally. Look for a good care provider or midwife before getting pregnant. Making sure to talk about all your concerns and wishes for your next birth.
    If you end up with another c-section, please make sure you tell your doctor about your allergy. Try using lime and coconut oil rub on your should help them heal.


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    Thank you @sunnymumof5 I will consider that next time I'll be pregnant <3<3<3

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