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    How to get rid of stretch marks


    I got my stretch marks on the 8th month of my pregnancy. I was told that it won't be removed at all but it should go lighter after sometime. My kid turned two and my stretch marks are long and dark. It is annoying. The worst part is, I can no longer wear my dresses and swim suits.

    Is there anything that I can use?

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    The stretch marks may still fade over more time - they can take a number of years to fade.

    You could also try rubbing almond oil into them to help soften them.

    It is possible to have laser treatment to reduce the stretch marks, but this can be costly.

    I like to think of stretch marks as the marks of having a beautiful child - they don't seem so bad after that!

    Best wishes,


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    I agree. My child is the best blessing I got.

    I am just a little worried about my hubby. I know he wants me to still look desirable. I will try using almond oil this time.



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    They will become much lighter and less noticeable with time. Other than time, I agree with LJ, use a good moisturizing lotion to help improve the appearance. Almond oil and coconut oil are some good, natural options.


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    Thanks LJ and Angela.

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    Hi Rhiza,

    You can also use a high quality olive oil that is not rancid (I keep my olive oil in the refrigerator).

    If you are pregnant now or planning to get pregnant again, use oil on your belly from about 2 or 3 months on, in order to keep stretch marks from occurring. Also, be sure to avoid refined sugar (fruit is okay) during your last trimester so that you don't put a lot of weight on quickly. Baby will also be smaller if you avoid sugar in your last trimester, and you will have less chance of developing gestational diabetes. Avoiding sugar during pregnant is a really good thing.

    Warm Regards,


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    I have tried everything out there I think and nothing really worked for me. Two months ago I bought this stretch mark cream on Amazon by Alohi Naturals and so far I have seen improvement. I am amazed actually, there is something in it that really worked for me, although I can't pinpoint what, but I don't care, as long as it works! I know every body is different but don't give up, try different creams and oils and you will find something that works for you.

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    I enjoy using dermelastic serum. It doesn't have much of a smell, and it seeps into my skin very well. I alternate it with the dermelastic serums, and my skin feels very hydrated. It appears as though my existing stretch marks are slightly fading. I've only been using for a few weeks though, so we'll see if I get any more!

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    I love Dermelastic serum. I wish I would have discovered it and had used it before I had stretch marks. Believe it or not I started to see a difference in my stretch marks after the second use. The dark red lines had become lighter. I also started using it on dark spots on my face. I can certainly see an improvement. Will be keeping this product around!

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    I've noticed this is the most recent thread? Is the forum on this website closed now?

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