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    Finding out the Gender of Baby Prior to Birth

    Who is finding out the gender of their baby before the birth? What is your reasoning for doing so/not doing so? I think being surprised is so special and exciting, but I also see the benefits of knowing ahead of time (preparing clothing ahead of time, decorating the nursery, etc.)

    What are your thoughts on this?

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    I personally enjoyed the delight in finding out my baby's gender at birth - it just added to that special moment.

    On a different note I've know quite a few ultrasounds where the parents were told the baby was one gender and it was born the opposite gender.
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    I love finding out what my baby is before birth, so I can get everything ready. We buy certain things, so that we are prepared and ready. I really never wanted to be surprised, because we always had the names and everything picked out. I have to say I have not been in a position where the doctor told me one gender and it was another. I would be scared if that happened, this is why we choose a boy and girl name so that we can be prepared a little.

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    I also know some families who ended up getting a surprise at the end, that is definitely something to think about when making the decision. I couldn't imagine having bought a nursery full of gender-specific stuff only to find out I had the opposite of what I was expecting! lol!

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    i found out the sex before birth with all but our 1st bub. I was adament he was a boy. lucky for me, he was. I just find the temptation too much. being asked at your scan if you would like to know the sex is almost a pre-requisite now. I always find out BUT i never tell a soul. My hubby doesn't like to know & it only takes one person to accidently spill the beans & ruin it. I also think it's nice for my older kids to be surprised. half the fun of my pregnancies is having the kids & everyone else guess what we are having. I'm very good at keeping it secret & have never given it away.

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    With my two kids, I decided to know their gender ahead of time for me to prepare the things needed when I give birth such as clothing and most especially the name my husband and I want to give.

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    With my first bub on his/her way, my partner and I were discussing whether we wanted to know or not.

    Plan is, we definitely need to know beforehand and as soon as possible for the sake of preparing for the best arrival of the baby.

    In the future, I think we will leave it to surprise, but for now, we need to be ready for anything coming our way!

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    I was far to impatient to wait until birth to find out the sex of our babies and since we were expecting twins I felt it was even more important to know. I do really admire those parents who can wait though because I'm sure it is a glorious moment when the sex is revealed!

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    Well for me, I tried to find out the sex of my baby during my scan. I was just too excited to know and I wanted to be prepared with everything from the name to the clothing, nursery stuff and all. I only wanted the best so that's I really tried to know the gender.

    But on the other side, not knowing your baby's gender is exciting also but I believe I'd be more stressed thinking everyday what would the gender be. lol. It just really depends with every parent out there. God bless.

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