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    Premature Ovarain Failure vs. PCOS

    Could anyone, kindly help me know that difference between the Premature Ovarian Failure and Polycystic Ovarian Failure?

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    I had Premature Ovarian Failure last year, I'm not so sure if that's really how i would call it. I got positive result in the pregnancy test so i went to my OB. then on the 5th week, i had spotting/bleeding. My OB requested for an ultrasound then we found out that there was no fetus inside. There's a placenta already however, the fetus did not develop. I'd like to know what causes this type of pregnancy and is it possible to occur again? I just wanna make sure that it will not happen again. Also, i want to make sure that I'll have healthy fetus and baby if i get pregnant again.


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    Hello Bellisimum, actually it also happened to me. I got positive test too when I asked for pregnancy test for work requirement, (it's blood extraction) only to got negative result when I check to double check using home-kit pregnancy test. I almost cried when I saw the positive result, then got so desperate when I knew I'm not pregnant.

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    Hi Noemi! Thank you for sharing your experience. However, i think there's a slight difference. What happened to me was that i really did get pregnant. My doctor said that there was conception that took place but it did not continue developing. I wonder why this type of pregnancy happens. When i asked my doctor, her only answer was that it really does happen to some. I am now curious if there is nothing wrong with my reproductive system. I want to have a normal and healthy baby next time i get pregnant.

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    Hi Noemi and Bellisimum,

    It sounds like both of you were pregnant and had an early miscarriage. Bellisimum's miscarriage was probably a little further along (development of placenta) but Noemi, the fact that you got a positive home pregnancy test and then a negative blood test is still an indication that you were pregnant and just had a very early miscarriage - so early that if you had not taken a home pregnancy test, you would never have known you were pregnant.

    I would encourage you both to start your preconception care right away. The benefit for starting this program right away is that your preconception care can actually increase the quality of your eggs, which means a greater chance of the eggs being able to be fertilized and a better chance of conceiving a truly healthy baby and reducing your odds of having a miscarriage.

    It takes 4 months for an egg cell to develop from a single cell to a fully mature egg which is able to be fertilized, so if you were to start your preconception care now, 4 months from now, you could have eggs that are of much higher quality.

    I will address Noemi's question about the difference between PCOS and Premature Ovarian Failure in another post.

    Warm Regards,


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