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    What type of baby sleeping advice did you use?

    I just read here which offered a few baby sleeping tips for your baby to sleep better and you of course. My son actually slept through the night when he was an infant and now that he is two he sleeps even better sometimes. He still gets up from time to time, but we are able to sleep, so what advice did you take when your baby was born on sleeping well during the night. I really did not have too much advice, but when I read the tips on the website I was very excited to see a nice list that I can use for my second baby.

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    I think that setting up a good night time routine helps. It is important to turn off the TV or other distractions and get things quiet about an hour before you intend for your little ones to go to sleep. Giving them a warm bath and a massage helps them to relax. Following the same rituals/routines every night helps to set the tone, so baby realizes it is time to go to sleep. It also helps baby to calm down.

    For very young babies, swaddling can also help!

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    My boys have great sleepers even from the time they were tiny babies. The best advice I followed was to have a consistant routine. I agree with mom2many that giving a warm bath, turning down the lights, etc. definitely eased the transition. When our boys were about 3 we got lazy with the routine and boy did we pay for it! After about a month of struggle we went back to a routine - even going so far as to write it down - and walk the boys through it each night and we rarely have night time battles.

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