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    Red face Pregnancy Concerns


    I am going to be a mum and that too for the first time. Before my pregnancy I had heard that the baby moves in a particular position and if it does not then I should visit my doctor. There are certain signs that tell you that your baby is in danger. I wanted to ask you what these signs are and when should I be concerned. I mean the baby may not always move. What are the signs, which may appear normal to me, after which I should immediately see my gynecologist.

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    How many weeks pregnant are you Sarah? Have you seen a midwife or doctor?

    You likely will not feel the baby move until around twenty weeks. Once you do start to feel movement it will take a while to become truly regular, because the baby is still small and well protected. Then toward the end of the second, beginning of the third trimester, you should contact your doctor if the movements seem to decrease, less than one an hour.

    Other dangerous signs during pregnancy include:

    Blurred vision
    Bright red vaginal bleeding

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    Best Position For Baby At Birth

    Hi Sarah,

    Mom2Many has given you some good general indications of problems during pregnancy. If you're wondering what position baby should move into before birth, then the answer to that is an anterior position where baby is born face down.

    As you get closer to your due date, there will be less room for the baby to move because of the weight baby puts on. Most babies put on about 1/2 pound per week, during the last month of pregnancy.

    All this to say that there will come a time when baby should be head down, face down, in preparation for birth. If baby's head is up near your rib cage when you go into labour, this is called a breach position. Some midwives and doctors will deliver a breach baby vaginally. Others (most doctors) will not even attempt it and will just schedule a C-Section.

    If baby is breach going into the last month of pregnancy, some doctors will try to do a version where they give you something to make your belly muscles relax so that they can try to manually turn the baby by pushing on your belly.

    Here's a video that shows this:

    I'll also mention here that there are things you can do to help baby turn on his own so that a version isn't needed or so that you avoid a breach birth.

    And here's a video of a mum at her 37 week check with a midwife. I want you to see this so you learn what position this baby is in (listen to the midwife say she's ROA). The midwife will explain what ROA means and why it's good for baby to be in an ROA position before birth.

    Please feel free to post any other specific questions you may have. I'm happy to share lots of information about how to prepare for your birth and how to help assure the best birth experience possible.

    Warm Regards,


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