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    Exercising During Pregnancy


    I am pregnant but I do not want to gain weight during my pregnancy. I will not be eating those sinful morsels but I would surely be filling my stomach enough to fill me and my baby. However, I want to avoid much weight gain during my pregnancy. But I was little concerned if I can exercise during pregnancy or not. Please guide me.


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    Hi Sarah,

    It's wise that you have already decided to stay away from foods with empty calories, but it's also super important that you get enough high quality calorically dense foods that will feed you and your baby. Now is not the time to be on a low calorie diet.

    So here are some basic guidelines to follow:

    Avoid sugar, biscuits, cookies, crackers and white flour products (simple carbohydrates) as much as possible. These are usually calorie dense but offer little nutrition. Also, eating sweets during pregnancy can cause baby to put on more weight which can set you up for possible complications during birth.

    Be sure you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables each day, aiming to get at least 2 heads of green leafy lettuce into your body each day. An easy way to get this many leafy greens in your body each day is to either juice them or make smoothies out of them. Green smoothies are especially tasty and can be blended in most blenders.

    Eat at least one avocado a day. Avocados have the good fats your body needs and have other nutrients that will nourish you and your baby. You can also add flax oil to your smoothies to help you get enough of the essential fatty acids that are super important during pregnancy.

    Eat low mercury fish each week to get the good, essential fatty acids you need. You can also eat high quality animal protein like beef, chicken, lamb, goat, turkey, pheasant, etc., along with range free eggs, raw nuts and seeds. Raw almonds have magnesium that most people are deficient in, so eating a palm full of almonds each day can be a great snack to keep blood sugar from dipping.

    Here's a preconception plan that can also be followed during pregnancy.

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    Your tips are really helpful. They would also help my sister-in-law who recently got pregnant:-).


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    Here's a video series showing you how to make a smoothie with lots of nutrients that you can drink during your pregnancy. Thought you might enjoy seeing these.

    I will post part 3 in the next post.

    Warm Regards,


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    And here's part 3 of the "Healthy Pregnancy Smoothie" series. You will notice that she mentions adding some phytonutrients into the smoothie by using a scoop of a dried greens powder.

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