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    Healthy Food During Pregnancy


    I am glad to be pregnant after trying for two years. I do not want to gain weight during pregnancy at the same time I do not want to deprive my child from essential nutrition. What are the foods, which may seem fatty or calorific to me, but are essential for the proper growth of my child?


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    Hi Sarah,

    I thought I answered this earlier but I don't see the post, so maybe it didn't go through. I apologize for the delay.

    Pregnancy is definitely not the time to be restricting calories. You'll want to avoid sugar and white flour products, along with limiting your pasta and white rice intake.

    You'll also want to avoid deep fried foods and hydrogenated fats like shortening (and foods that have this in them). But you'll want to be sure you get plenty of the "good fats". This includes avocado, fish that is low in mercury, high quality, organic, butter, and flax seeds or flax oil, cod liver oil, or other oils that offer essential fatty acids.

    If you are sure to get at least one big green leafy salad (aim for 2), some high quality animal protein like beef, fish, chicken, turkey, lamb, etc., raw nuts and seeds, legumes (cooked dried beans), a little whole milk cheese, organic eggs, and a limited number of whole grains, you'll be feeding you and your baby a well rounded diet full of lots of nutrients. Just make sure you get enough of the "good fats". That's super important for baby's development and for pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

    Warm Regards,


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