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Thread: Miscarriage twice in a row

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    Miscarriage twice in a row

    Hi. I had my first miscarriage in March this year and wait a period cycle before we tried again in May. I got pregnant after. However, I was diagnosed in my 7 weeks (according to my date of last menstrual) with blighted ovum where there was a gestational sac of 13mm with the absence of yolk sac. My obs said this is another miscarriage and wanted me to decide if I want it pass it naturally or take the pill. My first miscarriage occurred two days after my date of missed period. I would like to ask if there's any chance of blighted ovum occurred twice in a row? I did my research and most said blighted ovum only occurs once in a life.

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    Welcome to the Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond forum. I am so sorry to hear about the loss you have experienced this year. You have my thoughts.

    That is correct, it is highly highly unlikely for a woman to experience a blighted ovum more than once. It is certainly the most likely case that your first miscarriage was what is known as an 'inevitable miscarriage'. Sadly it is highly likely that this first miscarriage was always going to occur and there was a problem with the DNA of your baby.

    You may find this article on Understanding Miscarriage helpful. This article explains that a blighted ovum 'is where an egg is fertilised but it doesn’t go on to divide or develop into an embryo'.

    Thinking of you,

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