I am an ardent lover of your forum since I have been going through your forum from a long time. I think almost all the topics have been covered in your forum. This has forced me to post a question about my dearest friend who is very worried about her probable pregnancy.

My friend always has regular periods with good flow without any clots. She started planning for pregnancy in January 2012 but was unable to get pregnant till May but during the same month she contacted a gynecologist who gave her some medicines related to hormones. One of them was cyclogest syrup and some other tablets. Luckily, she conceived during June. But she got a very faint line on the pregnancy checking stick so she consulted the doctor. She was upset to know that the pregnancy is very high risk because of low implantation. She took some HCG injections too. However, after 8 weeks the doctor informed her that she has to under go D and C as the child has no heartbeat. She underwent the procedure. Next month, as she did not get her periods she contacted another doctor who informed her that there were remains of the previous D and C in her uterus so she has to undergo another D and C.

Will this affect her next chance of getting pregnant? She has recently taken Rubella vaccine. After how many months she should try again to conceive? What are the steps she should take to ensure that next time she does not get a child without heartbeat?

Pls reply. I would really appreciate it.