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    Getting Pregnant After Missed Abortion


    I am an ardent lover of your forum since I have been going through your forum from a long time. I think almost all the topics have been covered in your forum. This has forced me to post a question about my dearest friend who is very worried about her probable pregnancy.

    My friend always has regular periods with good flow without any clots. She started planning for pregnancy in January 2012 but was unable to get pregnant till May but during the same month she contacted a gynecologist who gave her some medicines related to hormones. One of them was cyclogest syrup and some other tablets. Luckily, she conceived during June. But she got a very faint line on the pregnancy checking stick so she consulted the doctor. She was upset to know that the pregnancy is very high risk because of low implantation. She took some HCG injections too. However, after 8 weeks the doctor informed her that she has to under go D and C as the child has no heartbeat. She underwent the procedure. Next month, as she did not get her periods she contacted another doctor who informed her that there were remains of the previous D and C in her uterus so she has to undergo another D and C.

    Will this affect her next chance of getting pregnant? She has recently taken Rubella vaccine. After how many months she should try again to conceive? What are the steps she should take to ensure that next time she does not get a child without heartbeat?

    Pls reply. I would really appreciate it.


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    Hey Sarah, thanks for posting and welcome to the group!

    I am so sorry to hear about your friend's loss. It is unfortunate, but it does happen quite a lot. I have had two miscarriages and it is estimated that at least 1/4 of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Do you happen to know your friends age? I ask, because failing to get pregnant for five months is usually not substantial enough for an OB prescribe medication. Even in healthy, fertile couples it can take a year or more.

    It is a good sign that she became pregnant and the odd are that she will have a successful pregnancy the second time around. For now, she should focus on nutrition. If she is overweight, now is the time to lose the excess. She should be eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, and exercising regularly. Preparing the body for pregnancy is very much a matter of improving overall health.

    As for waiting, she should give herself a good two or three, normal cycles following the repeat D & C. She should also be taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid or eating a diet rich in vitamins like folate, this is important long before conception for best results.

    As for the Rubella vaccine, it is generally recommended that women wait at least 28 days before trying to conceive following the inoculation.

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    Hi Sarah,

    Preconception care can make a positive difference in the outcome of any pregnancy.

    This is when you take about 3 to 4 months to "act pregnant" so you can "get pregnant". If you wouldn't eat it, drink it or do it while you're pregnant, then don't eat it, drink it or do it before you get pregnant.

    The reason for this is because it takes about 4 months for an egg cell to develop into a fully ripe "adult" egg that can be fertilized, and it takes about 4 months for sperm to be created. It's a perfect time for husband and wife to adopt a fertility friendly diet and lifestyle in preparation for conceiving a truly healthy baby.

    When you have a truly healthy egg and sperm, the baby will be healthier which means less chance of miscarriage. When mum is highly fertile and healthy going into the pregnancy, there is less chance of miscarriage or preterm labour.

    I would encourage your sister to wait 4 months before she tries to conceive and the reason I say this is because of the Rubella vaccine she was given. That vaccine affected the eggs that are currently developing and if she wants to have the best chance of avoiding another miscarriage and D&C, then she's going to want her embryo to be as healthy as possible.

    There's probably little you can do about where the embryo implants in the uterus but there are so many other things that can cause miscarriage that 4 months of preconception care would be prudent.

    Please feel free to share these forums with anyone you feel may benefit from them. We're here to help.

    Warm Regards,


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    Him Mom2many and Kate!

    It has been three months since my friend had taken Rubella vaccine. Her doctor suggested that she can try now. However I found it weird when I saw her tablet dublin which contained Norethisterone content. She was advised to take this from day 16 to day 25. I dont understand this. As far as I know this tablet is meant for delaying period????? Please advise me. Is she taking a safe drug which is in favor of her getting pregnant???

    Worried but ensured that you will reply,

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    Hi Sarah,

    Norethisterone is a progestogen which means that it acts similar to the way progesterone would work in the body. It is a steroid and it is synthetic so it would be good to learn all you can about the risks of using this particular "form" of progesterone. Natural progesterone can often times be effective and does not have side effects from all I've read (I've used natural progesterone myself).

    The doctor may be using the Norethisterone to help support a possible pregnancy by prescribing it for days 16 to 25. The doctor may also be hoping that she will ovulate around day 14 of her cycle. If the doctor was prescribing it during the first half of her cycle, it would then act as a contraceptive and work to suppress ovulation (keep her from ovulating).

    Something that can be very helpful at balancing hormones naturally is the use of acupuncture and herbs.

    Hope this helps!

    Warm Regards,


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    Hi Kate!

    Thanks for your detailed reply. It is good to know that this drug is good for her. I just spoke to her on phone. Today is her Day 20. she is taking the pills regularly. She is having severe on and off cramps on her lower back. She never has them during regular periods but she had such cramps last time when she was pregnant.

    I dont know if she is having it. I think its too early to say anything but she is being hopeful. l think we need to just wait and watch. What do you say?


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    Hi Kate!

    My friend got her periods after four days of stopping the medicine. She visited the doc who said an ovulation study needs to be conducted. But she gave her 50 mg of Clomophine citrate to be taken from day 3 to 8. She has been called on her 11th day. I was wondering how this study is conducted??

    Awaiting your response,

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    HI Sarah - I am sorry to say Kate has left the forum due to her job. Unfortunately I don't know the answer to your question.
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    Thanks for your reply. Anyways she has stopped going to the gynaec after she went on her 11th and 12th day and was told that there was no egg developing inside and was told to come the next day.

    This frustrated her because the gynaec did not check her. It was her assistant with half knowledge who intimated her telling her she was not ovulating. This frustrated her and she decided not to go for any medicines and now she will be trying on her own to see if she gets any results.


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    I have the same problem here, I was getting pregnant in june 2015 and the embryo was abort after 12 weeks. We are now trying for a baby and still I am not getting pregnant.

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    Hi dulmi,

    Welcome to the pregnancy, birth and beyond forum.

    Thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

    Did you have a D&C or did you miscarry naturally last year? Was it confirmed that there was a complete miscarriage?

    Do you have regular periods? How long did it take you to conceive when you became pregnant last year? Please could I ask how old you are?

    Are you and your partner healthy generally? Are you a healthy weight?

    How frequently do you and your partner make love? Are you aware of when your fertile days are each month?

    I look forward to reading your reply.
    Warm wishes,

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    Hi ljmarsden,

    Thank You for your kindly reply.

    It was naturally miscarriage and My doctor confirmed that miscarriage was completed and I was fully recovered. Of course I have regular periods. I was pregnant in June 2015 and the embryo was abort after 12 weeks.
    Yes Me and My partner are healthy and also have healthy weight too.

    I am 25 years old. we made love two or three times per week. I think I don't have much knowledge about fertile days. Please let me know more about it?

    I look forward to your reply

    Thank You,

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    Got pregnant and delivered a baby boy

    Hi Friends,

    I am happy to inform you that my friend got pregnant naturally after trying continuously for eight consecutive months. There's hope. If all your reports are normal, even if you have previously undergone abortions or miscarriages, you can definitely conceive a healthy child. bt all it takes is time.

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    Thank you very much Sarah.

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    That's great news Sarah Griffith.

    Thank you for your reply dulmi. If you have been trying to conceive without success for 12 months or more then it is recommended that you see your doctor incase you or your husband have fertility problems.

    There are actually only around 3-5 days each month that you can become pregnant on. These occur on the days leading up to ovulation (as sperm can survive in a woman's body for up to 5 days) and on the day of ovulation (an egg then can survive for up to 24 hours, sometimes only 12 hours). You can look for the natural changes in your body that ovulation will occur soon and that having sex in this period of time could result in a pregnancy. Have a look at this informative previous thread which explains about the natural signs of fertility which you can track and look for in your body each month.

    How long do your periods last? Do you have a 28 day cycle?

    Have you spoken to your doctor recently about trying to conceive?

    With warm wishes,

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