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    Enlighten me

    Hi everyone,

    I have been worried these past few weeks, because my mother in law always told me I have a very bad tummy shape. I am almost 9 months pregnant and my tummy looks like a ball and it doesn't look good they said. I am 23 years and my weight is 51 kilos already. I started from 42 and now I am 51 and this my 2nd baby. They always told me looks like I will deliver with a CS section because of the my tummy's shape. And I always sit on my computer for the whole day working online. I only walk when I needed to eat and to pee, I am so worried it's like I don't want to deliver this baby anymore it's too depressing

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    Hi Jopoys,

    First of all I'd like to encourage you by saying that you can actually play a role in making your delivery easier and faster, and it doesn't have to do with how much or little you are exercising or how much weight you've put on or the shape of your tummy!

    It is, of course, very beneficial to you and baby to get some exercise each day. I got exercise with my first baby because I was active with my job at that time. With my 2nd, 3rd and 4th pregnancies I was at home, so was only "chasing" the other children, but didn't have an actual exercise program.

    With my last baby, I was 40 years old and wasn't ask active during that pregnancy as I had been with the others. My baby was laying on her side going into my last month of pregnancy, and I wanted her to rotate into a better position for the birth.

    So I decided to get a 1 month membership at a local athletic club and I swam nearly every day. I enjoyed the water and it was very relaxing - plus I was getting exercise and helping baby to turn into a proper position all at the same time. I took my younger children with me, and that included my 3 year old.

    One thing I'd encourage you to do is to sit forward on your chair when you are working. Also, try to sit forward on the couch and try to avoid leaning back / reclining when in bed. The more you recline the higher chance that baby will move into a posterior position which can slow labour and cause back pain during labour. I had posterior babies with 2 of my babies, and I was very careful to do exercises and sit forward with my last 2 babies because I didn't want them going posterior.

    Another thing you can do is to drink red raspberry leaf tea at least 3 times a day now. You may find that it causes a lot of braxton hicks, but I found that the braxton hicks really worked to shorten my labour when I went into active labour. In fact I drank Red Raspberry Leaf Tea with my 4th baby and that was the fastest delivery of the previous 3. I then drank even more of it with my 5th baby (in the month prior to delivery) and that birth was even faster. I had water births with the last two babies and I only laboured in the tub for one hour (with the last one) before I was complete and fully dilated. Once I felt the urge to push, it only took two or three pushes, and she was out. Really fast.

    Another thing that can help is getting a Chiropractic adjustment to help make sure your pelvis is open and your structure is aligned, which can make for better positioning of baby. When baby is positioned optimally on your cervix, the cervix will dilate faster and you will not only have a faster labour, but you will have much less chance of having to have a C-Section.

    Have you asked your midwife or doctor what position the baby is in? My midwife could always tell what position my baby was in just by palpating my belly.

    Also know that eating sugar, cookies, biscuits and crackers can put weight on the baby, so try to avoid these as much as possible now, until the baby arrives. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, high quality animal protein, fish that is low in mercury content and nuts and seeds.

    So you have a birth plan? Having a birth plan can also put your mind at ease and help you to feel excited about the birth because you will feel confident that your caregivers know just what you want. We can help you develop a birth plan if you'd like.

    Once you think you're in labour, stay home as long as you possibly can so that you can eat and drink and rest in the comfort of your home. This will also reduce the chances of intervention and increase the chances of having a natural birth.

    Here's a video of a homebirth. This mum makes it look really easy. From pushing to delivery to breastfeeding. What I love about this video is how quickly her last stage went. It's empowering!

    Please post your thoughts.

    Warm Regards,


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    I forgot to mention how labouring positions are really important in speeding up delivery. Here's a great article that discusses a variety of positions that can be used. Stand and deliver! Everything you need to know about birth positions.


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    Please do not let these people frighten you regarding the impending birth of your dear baby. There is nothing about labour that can be implied from the shape of a woman's belly, at least not from a lay person's perspective. Even when a midwife or OB palpitates for position, it is a learned skill and far more than just a glance or a simple pat.

    You can and will have an excellent vaginal delivery. Remind yourself frequently over the next week that you are a powerful, in-control woman. You manage your own body and your body was made for delivering babies. I am a firm believer in positive thinking and I want you to put those negative notions out of your mind.

    Now, you should never attempt to lose weight during pregnancy. However, when it comes to exercise, that is important at all points in life. I have four children myself and work full-time, one of my three jobs is a desk job so I spend a good deal of time planted on my rear. I can totally relate to how difficult it is to get up and get moving when you have so much other stuff on your plate and a sedentary lifestyle, but it can be done. Taking a ten or fifteen minute walk in the morning and evening with your toddler or partner is enough to help the baby obtain a better position, control blood sugar, and reduce blood pressure. It will also give you some time to connect with your family or meditate on your day.

    Last, I am sure your belly is beautiful. Pregnancy is a wonderful, beautiful time by nature.

    Best of Luck!


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